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Mr. A.L. McGregor. M.A. ,B. Ed (1958 - 1965)

Mr.David Boler (1966 - 1978)

Mr.Oh Kong Lum
(1979 - 1995)

Pn. Ishah Bt. Sulaiman
(1996 - 30 June 2005)

Madam Quah
Pn Quah Mooi Eng
(1 July 2005 - )


It was the keen foresight of the then Principal of Bukit Bintang Girls' School, Miss Mary Glasgow, which actually led to the establishment and building of this school, Her vision of a brother school inspired her and Mr. David Angus, the first Chairman of the Board of Governors, to establish this school and lead it during the formative years. There would have been no Bukit Bintang Boys' Secondary School without Miss Glasgow, and we owe our deepest appreciation to her foresightedness, services, prayers and financial and whole- hearted support for the setting up of the school and its development. Her successor at Bukit Bintang Girls' School, Miss Elena Cooke, continued the good work

Once the idea of setting up a brother school was formulated, the next question was, where it was going to be situated. It was at this time (1957-1958) that Petaling Jaya was opening up and starting a boys' school here seemed encouraging and favorable. It was Miss Glasgow who walked the hills of Petaling Jaya and picked the site where the school is now situated. But before the foundation of any building was laid, the secondary level education of the Bukit Bintang Boys' School was conducted in the left wing of the Bukit Bintang Boys' Primary School. This was in early 1958.

When the school was being built, the Malay Mail called it the brother school of Bukit Bintang Girls School and named it Bukit Bintang Boys' Secondary School. This name stuck on and ever since that day that was and is still the name of our school.

It was only in the beginning of 1961 that the secondary school was moved to where it is now, and each form (Form 1 to 5) consisted of one class only. The official opening ceremony of the school was held in 1962, together with a big exhibition. The Chairman of the Board of Governors had, prior to the moving, approached Mr. MacGregor in Scotland and asked him to take on the part as Headmaster of the new school. Mr. MacGregor accepted, and this was his first appointment in Malaysia During the period when Mr. MacGregor was the headmaster, the school underwent a series of expansions and developments. The school library was then situated in our present Biology laboratory with the present library as the art and geography classrooms. Mr. MacGregor is the person responsible for our present school song.

The first group of students sat for the Cambridge Examination in 1962 Mr. MacGregor left our school in 1965. Mr. David Boler joined our school's staff as the new headmaster in 1966, The school buildings consisted of two blocks and our present hall. The first block extends from the staff room to the sixth form classes. The second block extends from our biology laboratory until the end of our present 4 Science1. The sixth form classes were introduced in 1969. When the medium of instruction for lessons was switched to Bahasa Malaysia, the school song was translated to Bahasa Malaysia.

Mr. Boler designed a new badge when he replaced Mr. MacGregor. Mrs. Yeoh was requested to draw and print the badge. The top left hand corner of the badge depicts hills which stands for 'Bukit' followed by the top right hand corner which shows a star which stands for 'Bintang'. The bottom left hand corner shows our national flower which stands for 'Malaysia' and finally the last portion of the badge with the design of a roof above the letters 'PJ.' means that our school is situated in Petaling Jaya. The shape that resembles a gear below the letters 'PJ.' symbolizes that Petaling Jaya is an industrialized area. Mr. Boler also redesigned the school tie by adding the design of our school badge on to the plain olive green tie. After that Mr. Boler tried to convert the school field into a field with a 400 meters track but he failed because of lack of space. However he managed to enlarge the field to twice of its former size.

In 1976, a new science block was built which costc $200,000. This block consists of three science laboratories and a lecture theatre. This block was named the 'Boler Block' in honor of Mr. David Boler. At present, the current project which is still in construction is a new canteen and a gymnasium which will cost close to half a million.

In the year 1979, Mr. Oh Kong Lum has contributed a lot to the school's infrastructure such as building the school tennis court, basketball court and volleyball court. A new canteen was built on the year 1982.

Puan Ishah bt Sulaiman was elected as the Principal in the year 1996 until now. She was responsible for building the new Management Block which became the pride of the whole school. This new building was used from May 1997. The lower floor of this building consists of the school management offices, the headmistress' room, the intervention room, printing room and the pantry. In the last few years of her contributions, Pn Ishah has put in a lot of effort in making the school a more lively place such as building the school waterfall, two student rest areas and the school rock garden. Recently, Pn Ishah has commisioned a new student's reading corner and rebuilding the school wall.

On the 1st of July 2005, Madam Quah Mooi Eng replaced Pn. Ishah as the Principal of Bukit Bintang Boys' School. The first task in she accomplish was the setting up of the PA system and the air conditioning system in the staff room. The school's badminton hall was also repainted. In mid 2006, Pn. Quah upgraded the school field and repainted the basketball court.

Our school is 48 years old this year. During these forty eight long years, much had been achieved by our students and staff of this beloved school. There is no doubt that we will continue to accomplish a lot more and that we will be ready to face the challenges of life with confidence. Let us all keep the school flag flying forever and always uphold our school motto, 'Nisi Dominus Frustra' - 'Without God all is Vanity'.

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